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Silence of the Lambs’ House – For Sale

PERRYOPOLIS, Pa. (AP) — Celebrate your purchase of this lovely four-bedroom Victorian with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. The house that was used as the home of psychotic killer Buffalo Bill in the 1991 film “The Silence of the Lambs” is up for sale. The production crew took six weeks to turn the 3-story house into the squalid home of the killer played by Ted Levine. A film crew spent three days shooting in the foyer and dining room of the home near Perryopolis, about 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. The owners, Scott and Barbara Lloyd, both 63,...


Lightning Striking Plane – Caught on Camera

A man was recording with his cellphone when lightning struck a Delta Airlines plane while it sat on the runway. The aircraft was awaiting clearance for take-off. YouTube user Jack Perkins wasn’t able to board his flight Tuesday because of horrible weather moving through the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport area. His intention was to share footage of the weather with his wife. While waiting and and recording, Jack captured a direct lightning strike on a 737! As incredible as the footage is, Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant said that “aircraft design allows lightning bolts to be safely directed. Fuselage structure and...


Sasquatch Howls Recorded – Cuyahoga National Park

Dark Matter News has obtained some rather creepy sounding Sasquatch Howls recorded in Cuyahoga National Park this year. The howler seems to howl in different directions. Responding whoops can be heard in the distance. Highway Noise from the Ohio turnpike can also be heard in the background. Listen to the 2015 howl recording from Cuyahoga Valley National Park   Over 20 years ago another recording of these same howls were recorded. The 1994 recording is known as the Ohio Howl. It was recorded on high bluffs above the Ohio River looking toward West Virginia. That recording has stumped animal sound...


Oklahoma witness spots cigar-shaped UFO

An Oklahoma witness near Tulsa reported watching and videotaping a cigar-shaped object “descending in the western sky,” according to testimony in Case 69200 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. “I was driving home from work on Highway 169 northbound,” the witness stated. “I noticed it slowly descending in the western sky during sunset. It was falling slowly enough to catch my attention.” The witness pulled out his cell phone, took a photo and then began recording video. “I recorded it for a little over two minutes. When I got home I showed it to my wife and...


Iowa Fair witness: UFO followed Trump helicopter

An Iowa witness at the Iowa State Fair wants to know what the object was following Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s helicopter about 1 p.m. on August 15, 2015, according to testimony in Case 69530 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. Donald Trump was at the Iowa State Fair giving kids a ride in his helicopter,” the witness stated. “We were walking down the street to the fair. Donald Trump’s helicopter was flying overhead so I got my phone out and snapped a picture.” Read the Full Story on OpenMinds.TV


Underground Amusement Park In Transylvania

What does one do with a defunct salt mine dating back to the middle ages? Build an amusement park in it, apparently. At least, that’s the concept behind Salina Turda, a museum and tourist attraction located in the Transylvania region of Romania and built into what began as a salt mine in the year 1075. As a mine, the Salina Turda was fully operational for several centuries until 1932, after which it was used to store cheeses (which seems weirdly perfect). Then, in 1992, the man-made cavern was converted into a subterranean amusement park complete with fairground classics like mini...


Humanoid UFO Captured On Three Cameras

A video shot in early August of 2015 which appears to show a human like figure (or humanoid) flying in the skies above Los Angeles and it has gone viral. The sight was captured by not one, but three different cameras as a part of a UFO Channel research group’s event. In the three videos you can see the same sequence. The UFO was recorded at the same time but through different angles. Video quality varies from each camera and it appears to be real and not cgi. And maybe a humanoid sky anomaly that appeared to everyone at sequoia...


Little girl’s doll came to life then VANISHED

A creepy doll, known as the ‘Camera Shy Doll’ was previously in one of the most haunted houses in the world – the home of wealthy Captain Jack Geiger and his 12 children. Located in Key West Florida, a number of spooky sightings and weird sensations have been witnessed in this house – but no stories are more terrifying than that of the ‘Camera Shy Doll’ that lived there. When a cholera epidemic was sweeping town, many sick children were brought to the nursery, where they would spend their last days in this room, hidden away from the fearful residents....


Fire Rainbows – Rare Cloud Phenomenon

A rare “fire rainbow” appeared in the sky over South Carolina on Sunday evening. Social media eagerly shared images of the fire rainbow, which appeared in wispy clouds over Isle of Palms, S.C. Some people on Twitter said the rainbow looked like angel’s wings, while others likened it to a whale tale. For a fire rainbow to appear, the sun must be at an altitude of at least 58 degrees above the horizon. In order to produce the rainbow colors, the sun’s rays must enter the ice crystals at a precise angle to give the prism effect of the color...


Venomous Jellyfish as Big as 5 London Buses Invade Britain

Deadly Portuguese man o’ war jellyfish, with tentacles as long as five London buses. People have been reporting these sightings all around the English coastline, prompting fears of invasion among conservationists. Normally living far from land in the ocean, experts from the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) say that the Society’s survey team has received many reports of them near the shoreline this year. The venomous jellyfish, which can reach 160 feet in length and can be deadly. Even with their massive sive, swimmers and surfers are not always able to spot them before they are stung. And a single touch...


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3D Printing Clothes At Home 0

3D Printing Clothes At Home

Do want to design your own top that you can wear and look hot in the party tonight? You can just 3D print it right at home. Joshua Harris, industrial designer recently designed a Clothing Printer with a vision of 3D printing your favorite clothes. Harris developed the Clothing Printer with a group of colleagues as a project. This project placed in the Semifinals of the annual Electrolux design competition in 2010. With a wall-mounted 3D clothing printer in every house, clothing companies could sell their designs as digital templates to be added to your machine, and then selected pieces...