Author: Amanda Curran


Art Reflecting Life: Supernatural Predicts The Future?

An Angel and a Demon walk into a bar…yes it sounds like the set up to a joke but it was, in fact, the set up of a very interesting scene in last week’s CW cult hit, Supernatural. We look to movies like Back To The Future and others to see if art can influence life, and I believe Supernatural may have done just that. Season 10 ended with Dean Winchester smiting the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, Death and unleashing The Darkness unto the world. Season 11 starts with our heroes trying to figure out how to fix the damage they have brought...


Will We Actually Watch Our Future Unfold?

New data from NASA’s Kepler K2 mission seems to suggest that there is evidence to support the claim that a distant white dwarf star is destroying the large, rocky body it orbits. The Kepler K2 mission first noticed this small planet, which is around the size of Ceres, due to dips in the brightness of stars. This then lead to the discovery of this white dwarf star, orbiting 520, 000 miles away, as it passed in front of the planet. White dwarfs are the remnants of dead stars. After a regular star uses up all its nuclear fuel, it turns...